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“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.” - Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid

(fairy tale series)

You are my daughter, Arianne. The little girl who used to run to me when she skinned her knee.

Aiysha Hart as Arianne Martel
Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell

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"no, we want to put a different character in our movie!" the animator screams

but it’s too late

rapunzel has stormed the office and is knocking over furniture

"give me the helmet," she snarls, shaking a mocap actor by the ping-pong balls

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Title: Crystal Gem Boy
Artist: Estelle, Steven Universe

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There. I took a half an hour and did this to show how easily it could be done. Now someone should take this idea and do it better than me…

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also, having spoken with both parents about the shitshow that is Lucy, we are all in full agreement that Luc Besson and the writers did absolutely zero research on Taiwan and that the movie is not worth our time or money.

like dad told me: they didn’t realize that Taiwan is one of the safest places in the world, below Sweden?

and the look on mom’s face was laugh-out-loud hilarious.

I hope to hell this movie tanks in Taiwan, if not everywhere.

                (via isanah)

Actually I am going to support this movie.

How many movies are female lead this year? How many? Answer: not a whole lot. This bothers me!

And yes, it is important that countries aren’t whitewashed but I’m okay with fictional representation of places, even when bad misrepresentations. Mostly because I ignore it and just look at the pretty cityscapes- that’s what makes me want to visit a place- footage. (I would go to Hong Kong in a heartbeat to check out kaiju bone temples if they were real. Not to join their crazy as fuck cult.)

I’m not okay with the lack of women actors in popular culture. This movie doesn’t have to be perfect to be a stepping stone for more female actor-based movies that can pass a freaking Bechdel test.


Good to know that you don’t care about PoC at all.

Good to know that our countries are nothing but pretty backdrops to you and not, you know, actual places and homes for some of us, including my family. I’m not OK at all with Luc Besson flagrantly misrepresenting the country my parents came from and one I have strong ties with.

And yeah, actually, I want a movie with a female lead, but we can have that without stepping on PoC (especially WoC) in the process. Why should WoC have to pay the price of seeing members of their race killed onscreen and our countries reduced to scenery just so you can have your white heroine?

Think about that for a moment. There’s ‘perfect is the enemy of good’ and then there’s white feminist garbage that shuts out and degrades WoC.

If your feminism isn’t intersectional? It’s trash.

This just in: tumblr user ellerhinehart only cares about oppression when it happens her.

"How many movies are female lead this year? How many? Answer: not a whole lot. This bothers me!"

Obviously, we are all unhappy with the lack of female leads in the industry. What you and other white feminists don’t get is that when WOC say that we don’t support the film Lucy, you hear, “We don’t care about women! We don’t care about the little representation we, as women, get!” but all we’re really saying is, “Hey, this movie is racist. This movie perpetuates really terrible stereotypes and so it’s not something we support, even though it has a female protagonist.”

"And yes, it is important that countries aren’t whitewashed but I’m okay with fictional representation of places, even when bad misrepresentations."

Are you aware that even fictional representations of places have a severe impact on the way that audiences view foreign places? Are you aware that misrepresentations are what fosters stereotypes and the pigeonholing of an entire country/region/continent? ACCURATE REPRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING.

"Mostly because I ignore it and just look at the pretty cityscapes- that’s what makes me want to visit a place- footage."

That’s actually so gross. You just openly admitted that you turn a blind eye to everything that’s wrong with this film for the sake of your own cinematic experience. Of course YOU can ignore it, you aren’t apart of the group directly affected by it! YOU get to leave the theater thinking, “Wow, that was an empowering movie! Representation!!!! I love feminism!!!!!!” But others, they aren’t as lucky. They walk out feeling crummy because YET AGAIN, the media has managed to perpetuate these disgusting, racist tropes that were born out of this Western fear of “others.” They walk out feeling betrayed by others so-called feminists, LIKE YOU, who care about women!!!!!! but not really.

Just like tumblr user isanah said, if your feminism isn’t intersectional, it’s trash. If you’re not here for women of color, then you’re not here for women at all. You don’t get to pick and choose who gets positive representation. You don’t get to decide what’s racist and what’s not because you aren’t apart of the marginalized group that has to face it every.single.day. WOC are just as unhappy as you are about not having enough female leads, but you also need to acknowledge that we are also unhappy about a predominantly white industry turning yet another foreign country into some ~*exotic*~ playground to feed its weird fascination with othering people of color.

And another thing that’s got me angry:

When someone apart of the group of people that is being misrepresented tells you that they aren’t ok with their people, country, and culture being exotified and othered, you listen to them.

When someone who has lived experiences you will never be able to know that are directly related to the thing you are discussing, you listen to them.

So, when tumblr user isanah and many other Taiwanese women tell you that this movie is disgusting and racist, guess what? YOU LISTEN TO THEM.

How dare you try to speak over the voices that matter most in this discussion. How dare you try to silence isanah and others who understand the harm that this movie is capable of inflicting.

WOC don’t need your whitewashed feminism. We never have and we never will.

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An ornate snake coiled around her right forearm, its copper and gold scales glimmering when she moved. It was all she wore.

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Because there needs to be more of these floating around in the world.

I share personality profiles with Rocket Raccoon.

Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.

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